One day, our son, who is in college, responded to my text message with “o7”. I asked what it was and he said a salute. Coming from a military family, I could see it. Our daughters started designing our logo, bags, as well as the names and descriptions of our coffees. The simple “o7” gesture evolved to represent our seven core values: God, Family, Country, Community, Military, Public Service, and Friends.

We believe everyone plays a vital role in making a community great and that is why o7 Coffee Company wants to say thank you. No fancy gimmicks or tag-lines, just great coffee as a gesture of appreciation to our everyday heroes.

Roasted to Perfection

After we find the highest quality, all natural, ethically sourced beans, we drop them straight into our Mill City Roaster. We only roast in small batches, allowing us to control everything from temperature to air flow. You’ll get consistent and precision roasted flavor in every bag, every time.

Wherever you go…

We believe you shouldn’t have to go anywhere without a great cup of coffee. We take pride in providing you with an array of coffee options so that you can enjoy a premium cup no matter where you are or what you’re doing.