Perfect pack


Our “Perfect Packs” are precision ground, premium quality coffee bags that steep like tea and taste like perfection. The “Perfect Pack” Steep Bag is a single serve, nitro-sealed, fully compostable, tea-bag style product designed to give you the best coffee no matter where you are. No machines, no pods, no equipment, nor extra plastic packaging. Just add hot water, steep the pack like tea, and you have a specialty cup of coffee. The “Perfect” Steep Bag also provides a COVID safe solution for your workplace. The single-serve “tea-bag” style means the only person touching your cup of coffee is you. 

How are they prepared?

  • Steep in 8-12oz of hot (not boiling) water for a minimum of 5 minutes or longer depending on desired strength. I prefer 9 minutes. 


  • Steep in room temperature water and keep in the fridge overnight for cold brew!
Coffee Bean

Best Beans

All of our coffee beans are 100%  natural and are sourced from some of the most premier coffee providers from across the globe. 

Coffee Bean

freshly roasted

Every bag of o7 Coffee is freshly roasted and shipped straight to your door to ensure you receive the highest quality coffee in every cup.  

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

From our specialty blend with hints of creamy chocolate to our simplest blend of Brazilian coffee beans, each O7 Coffee blend is sure to impress even the toughest of critics. 

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